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SeaFloor Control JAM 10th Anniversary Slow Pitch Rods Force4+, JR 603-4+

EUR 800.00

Limited Edition only 100 pieces Seafloor Control JAM 10th Anniversary Slow Pitch Fishing Rod are produced.

The JAM 10th Anniversary model has the extra power in the tip section to help the angler move the jig in the current.

The JAM 10th Annivarsary model with the extra power is ideal for Slow Pitch Jigging from a drifting boat. 

The JAM 10th Anniversary model has nicer finish than normal JAM, it has matte black colour and gold logo and also gold trim on the guides winding and reel seat.

Made in Japan and designed for Slow Pitch Jigging by Mr. Kazuhiro Hirota CEO of Seafloor Control.

Mr. Hirota tested more than 60 samples of fishing rods to find the perfect sensitivity, balance, tension and timing.

The fishing reel retrieve is not enough to create and control the jig movement so a perfectly tuned rod will be needed to control various jig movement.

The fishing rod is designed with thinner butt section for versatile jig action.

Holding the rod lower during the Jerks uses the tip section of the rod to make softer and slower action to the jigs.

Higher jerk action uses the butt and middle section of the rod to make stronger and faster action to the jigs.

Fuji Titanium guide frame and SIC ring

Fuji reel seat

Blank material Carbon Toray T1100

Target fish : bottom fish and pelagic fish

Power Force 4+

Line Max PE4

Jig Max 400g

Length 6.3ft

Ideal water depth up to 350 meters

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