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Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG Right Hand (2017 model)

EUR 500.00

Very often, when someone mentions Ocea Jigger, the image of a refined Jigging reel comes to mind. So how do you improve a legend? For Shimano, we start where it matters most, The Core. Fusing our most advanced manufacturing capabilities with the wants of anglers; we've made the 2017 Ocea Jigger's cranking action even lighter and smoother than before while maintaining uncompromised strength and durability. Incorporating MicroModule gears, Infinity Drive and a cold forged long crank handle, the 2017 Ocea Jigger's rotational resistance has been successfully reduced by approximately 60%. The new Jigger also features X-Protect, previously found only on the 2017 Twinpower XD. With X-Protect, waterproofing capabilities is greatly enhanced as water is prevented from entering the drive gear shaft and spool shaft bearing. On the exterior, a new star shape drag is added to lower the risk of line entanglement in high wind conditions. Minor tweaks have been made to the Hagane Body to give you a more comfortable grip. Never judge a reel by its covers because... Beauty comes from inside.


Product Technologies

Micromodule Gear

Hagane Body


S Compact Body


Exciting Drag Sound  


Product Specifications


Retrieve Per Crank Range 117 cm

Drag Range 10 kg

Gear ratio 6.2:1

Weight 595g

Bearings 8/1

Line capacity PE3 400 meters, PE4 300 meters, PE5 220 meters

Key Features Infinity Drive 

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