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JigSkinz Real Life Cigar Minnow

EUR 3.00

JigSkinz™ Highly Realistic Lifelike Finishes That No Paintbrush Will Ever Be Able To Replicate.

JigSkinz and Proskinz Lure Wraps are an incredible award winning innovation that allows anglers to refurbish, retrofit and customize any lure in seconds using only hot water. Perfect for offshore lures and freshwater lures such as crankbaits, poppers, topwaters, and jigging spoons. JigSkinz do not use adhesives and are applicable on metal, wood, lead, plastic, and composites to bring new life to your old and worn out lures, or to simply change your presentation to “match the hatch” using the RealLife patterns!

All you have to do is cut the JigSkinz Proskinz Lure Wrap to the length of the lure you wish to cover, dip it into gentle bowling water for 3 seconds, and you instantly have a perfectly wrapped new lure. The length of the JigSkinz Proskinz Lure Wraps remains constant, while the circumference shrinks up to 90%. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

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