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Hots Slow Jigging Lures Y2 JIG UV RGB 80g / 125mm

EUR 20.00

Colour: Abalone Natural UV RGB.

Edgy wide Jig with slide action for shallow area.

It is a wing-type jig with cutting edge wide design. It cuts water well and provides sharp sideways action even with slow jerking so that longer presentation is possible. It is especially effective against low active targets.

It is an asymmetrical center balaced jig. The Jig has both gentle and sharp sides and reacts swiftly against small transmission from the rod.

UV R.G.B. colors of Y2JIG are fully-armored with a trichromatic light and a shining of abalone sheet.

UV R.G.B. colors of Y2JIG are painted UV glow paint on abalone zebra pattern, and UV glow paint is effective in nervous fishes at offshore fishing and at a crowded trout pond.

We usually discriminate colors under visible rays, but it is thought that many fishes are also able to discriminate ultraviolet rays (invisible rays).

Visible rays are getting dark in water as it is getting deep according to being absorbed, but ultraviolet rays reach deeper than visible rays so it is thought that UV glow painted jig is also easy to find for fishes at deep area of the sea.

In our field test, the big difference is found in the result, of course, it is not same in all cases.

HOT'S continue to pursue the further possibility of UV glow paint.

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