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Jerry Brown "Hollow" Braid Line One Spectra 80lb, 600 Yards

EUR 184.00

Jerry Brown Spliceable Line One Spectra.

600 Yards Hollow, Spliceable, with White or Green colour.

Available with 80 lb test.

Made in USA with genuine Spectra® with finer braid resulting in a smoother hand-feel and enhanced abrasion resistance.

Jerry Brown Line One Braid is a Gel Spun Spectra® braided line that performs in all saltwater or freshwater conditions.

Colorfast with a life expectancy greater than 10 years (unless mechanically damaged).

Resistant to UV light, chlorine, fuels, detergents, most acids or bases, or biologic growth.

Line diameters are about 1/3 that of monofilament which means more line per reel.

Jerry Brown Line One Spectra Braid is smooth, supple and easy to tie or splice, making it a favorite among long range anglers.

The hollow, spliceable construction allows knotless connection of monofilament or fluorocarbon to the Spectra® and knotless connections of Spectra® to Spectra®.

Line to line splice repairs are 100% strong.

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